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Do you have a phobia?

12 years ago

I know we've talked about this before but there are new people here. The cruise ship accident creeps me out so bad. Lauren and I were talking about this the other day. I'm scared to death of deep, dark water. I can swim in it but prefer not to. Swimming in the ocean in Hawaii when I went there a couple years ago was near torture. I really had to psyche myself up for that and really pretend there was nothing swimming underneath me or coming in from the ocean to get me.

One day we went to a hot spring area, right by the ocean, the ocean water was coming in to this little cove and all I could think about was sharks. When we got out, I saw a sign that said "swim at your own risk..." and something about eels that might bite you. My friend told me she didn't point the signs out to me on purpose before we went swimming.

We also went swimming in Hilo Bay with the turtles, another scary experience. I didn't stay in the water very long because it was dark. The turtles didn't bother me but you just didn't know what else was down there.

We used to go to a lake out in NV, Pyramid Lake, near where I'm from. I never swam in it until this one time we went when the kids were young and we had a picnic/day of swimming with my old friend, Trudy and her family. They swam in it all the time. There was a sandbar that went out into the lake and then part of the bottom was shallow but then it dropped off into a very deep abyss. I didn't swim long there either. I just kept thinking about what might be down there. A lot of people from the base in the town I'm from used to go out and get drunk and die out on that lake. Sometimes they never found the bodies.

I think it started with my brother, David, scaring me one time when we went camping at another NV lake, Lahanton. Our family and a group of others from the base were camping, swimming, fishing etc...and my brother was telling me about some guy who got ground up by the dam on the lake and how his body parts were floating around in the lake. I was 9 or 10 at the time. My mom had just cleaned the fish we had caught in the lake. I was swimming around and felt something on my foot, picked it up and held up a dead fish head, threw it as I screamed. I'm pretty sure that was the beginning of my fears because I don't remember being afraid before that. I swam like a fish, in a swimming pool or in a lake, didn't matter.

There was a movie within the last ten years about mutant "smart" sharks. I can't remember the name of it now but a group of people were basically trapped under water in an underwater lab with these sharks who were hunting the people. Most movies don't bother me but this one did. I was freaked out and wanted the shark to just get it over with and kill the actors because it just went on and on, with the shark almost getting the person.

So, all I can think about now is those poor people trapped in that ship in the water. The worse part is that it's on the edge of a deep canyon and may plunge down it any time. What if someone is alive still, I know it's probably not true but what if they were? Or what if one of those divers got trapped in there and went down with it?

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