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Help please!! My house stinks!!!

Linda Wayman
15 years ago

I cooked some hashbrowns for supper along with some other stuff. I feel terrible. I must be coming down with something. Anyway, I put the hashbrowns in the skillet with some hot grease and put a lid on the skillet. I was going to let them cook about 7 or 8 minutes before turning them over. I went in the living room and kind of laid on the couch. I was watching the clock. I went back to the kitchen at the right time, but it was full of smoke and burnt potatoes. I forgot to turn the heat down when I put the lid on the skillet. I found out that blackened potatoes are not gourmet food. I put the burnt potatoes in the garbage disposal and washed the skillet. I turned the vent fan on and also opened the back door. I couldn't leave it open too long because it is very cold and rainy here right now. It's been over an hour and that burnt smell is still really strong. Does anyone have a suggestion to help get rid of that smell? It is making me feel sick at my stomach.


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