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Goat milk kefir, need help

13 years ago

I have been trying to get my family to drink kefir. I first used skim milk. My son didn't like it but he would drink it.

I posted a question on a Yahoo kefir forum and the members there all freaked out because I used skim milk. The fact is, it's almost impossible to find whole milk (the only non homogenized milk) in Canada so I got some full fat goat milk instead. My son refused to drink it and said it tasted weird.

I wouldn't blame him because the milk did taste a bit unusual. I would drink it for health sakes but probably never for the taste. So I tried diluting it with water, adding coconut milk, even Ovaltine (sweet malt powder; he usually drinks anything with Ovaltine in it) but he just wouldn't touch it. I am feeling very frustrated and not sure if I should go back to skim milk or should I just give up.

Is there a way to mask the unique taste of goat milk?

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