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Goat mama has to much milk!

15 years ago

We have a new mama goat (baby born 36 hours ago). The baby is feeding just fine but she only nurses from one side. The other side is super swollen and has turned red and purple at the tip. The skin is so tight that it has even broken a bit and she is bleeding just a bit under the bag (not at the tip of the teat). I milked her on that side this morning but now it is just as bad again, if not looking worse. When I chased her to milk her she was spurting milk as she jogged, so she's not clogged up. Does anyone have advice on what to do? Should I just keep milking her on that side and to what end? I just don't know if that would help or make it worse. SHould we try and force the baby to feed on that side? If thats the case, how would we go about that? Thanks!

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