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OT: Keurig Coffee Machine

15 years ago

I hope this is ok to post here, I did a search and didn't come up w/much. Anyway, our coffee maker bit the dust and we are in need of a new one. I've been hearing alot about the Keurig brand and wondering if anyone here has one and if you'd recommend it. The unit itself seems a bit pricey, and the K-cups are not cheap, BUT if it makes good coffee and is easy to use it would be worth it. If we bought one I think we'd go w/the Platinum model b/c it gives you a choice of 5 brew sizes. One of my questions regarding that though is coffee strength. I've googled a little bit and someone said you can use the same K-cup twice for the largest cup. Is that true?? Or do you need to buy the dark/extra dark K-cups in order to get a decent cup of joe on the largest size? Any advice would be most welcome!



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