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Two Furnaces one duct system

14 years ago

I have a 850 sq. ft. cabin that presently has a goodman heat pump system.

The airhandler and ductwork are under the cabin. It works very well except in the winter when the temp. gets below 30 degrees. It does have the heat strips that come on, but it sures eats the power when the strips are on. I recently bought a new 95% 40,000 BTU Coleman gas furnace. I have converted it to propane.

I want to put the new furnace on the same cold air return and ductwork that the heatpump is on. I will have two thermostats. One will control the heatpump the other the gas furnace. My question is when I use the propane furnace wont it blow thru the heatpump air handler and loop back through the cold air return duct? Is there some kind of automatic damper that will close off the furnace not being used so it wont loop around? Thanks for your help!

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