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Last minute kitchen layout help needed

12 years ago

Electrician will be starting soon, so I need to finalize my kitchen layout so I know where the stove and fridge will be. And I need some help deciding so I can quit 2nd guessing myself.

A little background. Our sink will be in the island. The day I HAD to decide where/what side of the island the sink would be on, it was a hasty decision. We were in the process of building new house, selling old house, moving, farming, and 2 kids to run around. In addition to working...ugh. We are building on a slab, so the sink can't be moved. In hindsight, I would have put the sink on the other side of the island or would have had a completely different island at an angle to open up the kitchen area a bit, but oh well, can't change it now. I'm deciding whether the stove and fridge should be where I currently have them set to be, or if I should switch it around. Here's some pictures...

Here is our main floor plan so you can see how our kitchen sits in relation to the rest of the house/garage. For some reason Photobucket won't rotate it. If you rotate it to the left once, that is how it should be! Dining is "above" the kitchen, and the room "below the kitchen is a sitting/piano room. Family room to the left, and garage, laundry, bathroom, guest bedroom to the right:

Here's our current kitchen layout (yes there will be a pantry door! And the island will have an angled cabinet so it will be shapped right! She just couldn't get it in her software). Kitchen is approximately 12X13 and the pantry is 4X4 corner:

Here's the fridge wall:

Here's the stove wall:

When standing at the sink, the dishwasher is to the left, and a garbage cabinet to the right. There will be no counter overhang by the garbage cabinet, but the rest of the island across from the sink will have overhang for seating. The side of the island by the stove will have a cabinet between the back of the dishwasher and the overhang.

Here's an old drawing that shows the island a little better. The bottom side will be smaller though, only 1-24 inch cabinet behind the dishwasher, and then we wouldn't have to have a seam in the island countertop. Please disregard the other measurements and the appliance layout on here, they have changed. This pic is just to show the island in relation to the rest of the kitchen

Here's my reasoning on our current layout (fridge on wall behind sink)...Emptying the dishwasher will be a breeze, all the mainly used items are stored right there on the fridge wall...glasses, cups, plates, bowls, etc. Coffee pot on that counter. The other side of the island (by the stove) will be my prep/cooking area. There is a pot/pan storage cabinet to the left of the stove, as well as spice storage on either side of the stove, and plenty of prep space on either side of the stove. Fridge and pantry are right there for putting away groceries. Fridge is near dining area for quick runs to the fridge during meals. BUT, will have to kind of go around the corner of the island to go between sink and stove.

Now...what if I switch the fridge and stove walls. So the stove is behind the sink and the fridge is on the opposite corner? My reasoning: Stove/sink are closer, won't have to go kind of around the corner of the island to get from stove to sink. There will be a wall on the side of my fridge rather than a cabinet panel (I like the wall better). Easier to vent the stove. Cons...I don't have exact cabinet layout for this, but from my figuring, my storage will not be NEAR as organized...and that is big for me. And also if there is 2 people cooking (at the stove and sink) it will be tight.

Help me weigh my pros and cons please! Remember I can't move my sink, a prep sink is not an option. And the pantry is already roughed in. So if this was your space...where would you put your fridge and stove?

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