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Close to final layout - need some last minute critique!

Amy J
6 years ago

I drew this up tonight to send back to our cabinet maker. This is the best I can come up but I would love any improvements you can offer. Each square is 1 ft.

Walls are fixed, only windows on S wall could change.

My biggest concern has been fridge position. My husband's concerns is that the person sitting closest to the wall at the peninsula will feel blocked by the wall and the side of the fridge. I agree, that will probably be the last seat chosen, we may even be able to pull one stool around to the end of the peninsula. We have 3 school age kids so it is likely 3 will be there at the same time, but not always. The wall will always be there so the separation will always exist. I really don't like the fridge on the N wall.

Any other things I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

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