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What's on your Memorial Day Menu?

13 years ago

Are you going to grill? Picnic? Go out?

I think I'm digging in my freezer and see what's in there. I have some flank steak, and am thinking about making some fajitas on the grill. I also bought a lot of salad stuff and a steak salad sounds pretty good. It's already hot and mugly here (UGH), and I'm spending part of the weekend finishing some garden chores so I can be done for the season. I think we'll also try a new/old restaurant that's been on my list for years.

I've already made a summer torte with peaches, and a strawberry pretzel salad. I also have some chopped dates it's time to use up, so I'm trying a ''new to me'' recipe to end those.

My knives are overdue to be sharpened, so I'm taking those in today so I will get them back before the weekend.

So! What's on your menu?

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