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Bosch Nexxt 500 Series Gas Dryer

17 years ago

I have had my 500 series Bosch 500 Washer & Dryer for about 3 weeks now. The washer is terrific; although it does take much longer for each load to wash. My problem is with the dryer. At first, I remember it would dry my clothes thru a full cycle. Recently, the lint filter light goes on even though it does not need emptying. If I put laundry in the dryer & leave the house, I'll come back hours later & it will still be damp and the lint light is flashing. But the lint filter is not full! I can't stay home to babysit this dryer. The repairman was here once to say when I use dryer sheets there is a white build up on the screen (finer than other dryers) and I have to rinse it every 2-3 loads. I have done that to no avail. I washed it, dried it & put a load it and 20 minutes later it stops and the lint light is again blinking. This is so madening. Anyone else have this issue? I am calling the repairman again!

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