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Help with HP comparison

15 years ago

We currently have oil heat and are contemplating adding a heat pump and replacing the existing furnace. We have talked to a few dealers and have whittled it down to two prospects. One is a carrier dealer and the other a lennox dealer. We need help deciphering the variations in pricing and a recommendation on which brand provides better value in terms of performance/reliability, etc.

Background on house- stone house in southeast Pennsylvania, 4200 square feet, two stories, plus unfinished basement and unfinished attic (may add to attic at later date, but will add another zone to deal with that). Currently use oil forced air for heat and 5 Ton Carrier for AC.

The two sets of offerings are as follows:

Assume: full install of HP (5 Ton unit)/Furnace/Air Filter. Furnace would be a variable speed oil unit.

Lennox Dealer:

XP13- $13615 (SEER 16, HSPF 9.5 Not Variable)

XP15- 14315 (16.7, 8.7 Not Variable)

XP16- 14665 (17.0, 8.7 Yes Variable)

XP19- 17041(18.6, 9.3 Yes Variable)

Carrier Dealer:

Comfort 13- $11,682 (SEER 13, HSPF 8.3, Not Variable)

Performance 15- 12,318(15.0, 9.3 Not Variable)

Infiniti 19- 13,794 (19.0, 9.2, Yes Variable)

Both dealer installations would include new refrigerant lines, new coil, new wiring and new thermostat, etc.

There is a fairly large disparity in pricing. Why would that be? Also, between the two brands, which is a better value? How much better (efficient/comfort) is a variable speed unit than a single stage unit (in other words, is it worth the extra money)? Finally, did we overlook any other brands that may be worth a closer look (we ruled out Trane once it was determined that they rebrand another manufacturer's oil furnace)?

I know that is a lot of questions, so many thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some insights.

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