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Asko or Bosch compact washer-dryer?

13 years ago

I just had what for me is a major brainwave: OMG! Instead of having the "laundry room" in a dank and distant corner of the basement, we could have it IN THE KITCHEN! We're redoing the kitchen anyway... So I started looking at compact washer/dryer sets and quickly zeroed in on these two brands. Yes, I know Miele is the best, but I am just not spending that much money.

So. If it's going to be in the kitchen, I'm concerned about noise. The Bosch compact washer says it's 54db. The Asko doesn't say anything about the decibels. Does anyone have either of these? How quiet are they in real life? What are the biggest pros/cons you've noticed? How well do they work, how reliable are they, etc.?

Also, the Askos can take a custom wood panel so that they blend in with the cabinetry. That feature is prominently displayed on their website. Can the Bosches do that?

Thanks much for any advice!

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