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Desuperheaters and GT 2x3.5 ton systems

15 years ago

We're installing our GT system now, and I paid for two desuperheaters for hot water generation. I talked to the plumber who said you don't need a storage tank, and it's useless with the hot water generators. I talked to the HVAC guy who said the desuperheater only raises the pre-water-heater temp by 5-10 degrees. The company is a certified GT install and repair company, so I'm getting a bit confused.

I've read on this forum and other sites that you should have a storage tank equal to a full day of hot water usage. Should I have an 80-gal storage tank (well insulated) and an 80-gal powered heater hooked up in series? I read that the outlet from the desuperheater goes to the cold water intake on the storage tank, then the hot water output from storage goes to cold water intake on the powered unit.

In summary... I need a large storage tank to make the desuperheater (I have one on each unit) efficient, right? What size tank should I use?

I'd appreciate any guidance that can be quickly offered. Plumber is at the site now!

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