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2 HVAC systems for home - ideas?

9 years ago

We are looking to replace our two 18 yr old Trane forced air HVAC units in our 3800 sq ft home near Cleveland, Ohio. About 2200 sq ft ground floor has a 100,000 btu furnace and 3.5 ton AC and second floor has 80,000 BTU furnace and 2.5 ton AC. We have large trees that provide great shade in summer. I added blown in insulation in attic to make it about R-35. House was built in 1996.

A heat pump intrigues me, but does it make sense in a two HVAC unit household? The upstairs HVAC is only on in the evening to heat/cool and the same in the early morning. The downstairs unit is always on when we're at home. Does it make sense to install a heat pump for the ground floor, and a traditional unit for the second floor? Does the advantages a heat pump provides vanish since the second floor is not always heated/cooled at all times?
Thanks for any advice! I'm sure I missed some critical piece of info. Please let me know if I did.

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