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Options for smart control of 2 independant HVAC systems

6 years ago

Hello -
My home has 2 independant furnaces. Each furnace is a single zone. One heats the northern part of the house, the other heats the southern part. The southern furnace also has an AC attached.
Question - All of the smart thermostat solutions I've seen assume a single furnace, whether single or multi zone. I want my controller(s) to be able to adjust the 2 furnaces as if they were a single system with multi zones. I'd like to, for example, tell the system that I'm going to be in the norhtern part of the house for the morning, and to adjust both furnaces accordingly. I don't want to have to control the systems independantly.
Are there any solutions out there for this application? Preferably something that integrates with Nest or some other voice-activated control?

Thank you -

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