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still trying to vent my dryer; thin profile?

15 years ago

The saga continues . . .

I found out today that I cannot side-vent the Bosch 500 because the hole where the Bosch side-vents lines up exactly with a support beam in our wall. So that's a no-go.

Also, the appliance store (between last week and this week) has changed its policy regarding flexible venting. The venting they had been using was UL rated, but not UL rated for dryer use, so they can only use semi-rigid venting now. Using that to back-vent probably pushes the dryer way out into the room, something I need to avoid because the room is only 63" deep.

My new option: use a thin profile vent and add a new venting duct out the side wall. The Bosch's back bulge is about three inches deep. The thin profile adds another inch-and-a-half, two inches tops. Is that right?

Any opinions? Any reason I shouldn't use the thin profile? Thanks for your advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: thin profile

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