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Good Baking or Cooking tips you've learned !

14 years ago

Here is something we can keep alive for awhile !!!

Put in Baking or Cooking tips, you have learned thru the years.

Whether you have happened on them, by accident, or learned some old goodies.

I'll start with a couple, until I can think of more.

1. When baking a Pizza, if one part of the Crust is cooking too fast,

Dampen it with a Pastry brush and water.

2. I had a Pastry Chef from Germany, help me make Dough and weigh it.

One day he came in with all his baking tools,to bake a Wedding Cake in the Pizza Oven.

He had forgotten his Pastry Bag. So he took loose leaf paper, made a long cone,

put a few pieces of Scotch Tape to hold it together and filled it with icing.

Then he rolled the open end tight and squeezed out the icing.

He made about 5 different color cones, cut different shapes on the tips.

He made Flowers, Leaves, Branches and all kinds of decorations. Amazing !!!

3. I've tried everything to clean my Brew Station Coffee Maker, sight window on the Carafe.

Polident Cleaners , Alka Seltzer, etc. the only thing that cleaned it a little was,

my wife took an SOS pad to the whole inside, including the Window.

It cleaned it enough to see the water level.

I'll give someone else a chance to put in something.

Make it good or you get the Wooden Spoon Treatment.


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  • shaun
    14 years ago


  • bri29
    14 years ago

    I've had a lot of fun reading all your tips and kept trying to come up with something I could contribute. Well, it took a very long time, but I finally thought of something! I'm sure it's something you already know, but it's saved me a lot of time and annoyance.

    When you want to measure shortening, say 1 cup, put 1 cup of water into a 2 cup measuring cup and then fill with shortening until the water level reaches 2 cups. You have to keep the shortening submerged for an accurate measurement, but it comes out of the measuring cup cleanly. Just stick a fork in the mound of shortening, let the water drain off a little and you're set!

    I do have a request for a tip: when kneading doughs in my KitchenAid (sacrilege, I know), the dough ball always wants to climb up the walls and get stuck between the bowl and the flat part of the dough hook. Any tips on keeping this from happening?

    Thanks for all the tips!


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    What a quinkydink that my daughter-in-law sent me these just a couple of days ago. I have only tried the "peeling a banana" works. Peel a banana from the bottom and you won't have to pick the little 'stringy things' off of it. That's how the primates do it. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster. Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay fresh much longer and not mold! Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating. Peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking. Add a teaspoon of water when frying ground beef. It will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking. To really make scrambled eggs or omelets rich add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese, or heavy cream in and then beat them up. Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set seat to med\-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. Before you pour sticky substances into a measuring cup, fill with hot water. Dump out the hot water, but don't dry cup. Next, add your ingredient, such as peanut butter, and watch how easily it comes right out. To get rid of pesky fruit flies, take a small glass fill it 1/2' with Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid, mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever! Linda
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    I'm at about 6500 foot above sea level. I use less yeast in yeasted doughs. I prefer to do mashed potatoes in a pressure cooker and beans long and slow in the crockpot. Baked potatoes are always given a head start in the microwave before going into the oven. Most baked goods I do not modify, mainly from laziness. On most things, I do not find that the extra effort makes a tangible enough difference for my crowd to notice. For the weather, the current storm is a bit of an anomaly. We have had a very, abnormally warm spring with some winter storms that come in that are doozies. In my part of New Mexico I am absolutely ready though for the weather to get on with it and behave a little better.
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  • rachelellen
    14 years ago

    Bri! The shortening tip is a winner for sure! :D

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hey Joe,Watta ya Know !!!
    I guess you heard that a lot.It is nice to see you smiling!
    And I thought this Post was dying !

    You too ! Good to see your still Laughing. Did you give the Postmaster 5. ?

    Maybe you might want to try this, for a laugh ???

    On One of my Daughters birthday's , Feb. 14 . I cut a Heart Shaped piece of Foam Rubber.
    Put icing on it and candles. Had to push a pencil in to make a hole!
    The look you get; when they try the first cut, has to be caught on Camera !!!

    Bri :
    I knew that tip but it was a very good one, to put in here.
    What Model KA do you have ? I sent my Classic back and reordered A Pro Model.
    I couldn't stop the dough from riding up the Hook to the Motor. It was a mess.
    I tried everything, oiled the Hook, the motor, etc. Zilch !

    Hey Joe watta ya Know, I gotta go !
    Be Back later

  • annie1992
    14 years ago

    Bri, to keep the dough from climbing the dough hook on your KitchenAid, just use a breadmaker instead. That's what I do, works like a charm. LOL

    And, it requires no pantyhose, Lou, so you should appreciate this tip.


  • bri29
    14 years ago

    I've got a little Artisan KA, nothing fancy. I've just started kneading everything by hand. The mixer is handy though because it allows me to do two things at once, but I don't know if it's doing a good enough job to be worth the hassle.

    I've never used the bread machine to knead stuff that I have to form later, I'll have to try that!


  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    What I had to do with the Classic KA, was dump it out,onto a floured worktop,
    when it started climbing the hook.
    I added flour and finished mixing ny hand.It was a pain in!

    Annie :
    are you hanging out with Jessy ?

    I though of some dumb ones !!!

    Before Donut Holes existed, I would order 2 every time, I went to Dunkin Donuts,
    because they were free. The Waitress would bring them out to me.
    No ! she wasn't a Blonde.
    Just kidding! I Knew her and talked her into it.

    I eat a lot of Mussels but it never helped my Physique.

    Off Cooking Question:
    If two or more Goose's are called Geese, Why then are

    Two or more Moose's, not called " Meese "

    Is a Walnut, a person who goes to Walmart's , a lot?

    That's it I Quit. Be back Later,

  • annie1992
    14 years ago

    Bri, that's all I use the bread machine for, I never bake in it because I don't like the crust, it kind of "steams".

    A couple of places, including King Arthur Flour, did some experiments and found that you get the best texture and rise from a loaf in the bread machine, better than with a stand mixer or by hand, because that's what it was engineered to do.

    I make all my own bread and use the machine 3 or 4 times a week. I have some painful carpal tunnel issues that makes it hurt to knead bread, so I just love that bread machine, I make homemade bread again and I didn't for quite a while.


  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    War Stories? I get a good rise using my KA mixer but I quit after 2 Shots.
    Unless I'm not driving !

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Good Morning Everyone:
    I guess we are all tipped out or tipsy.

    With all the advice that has been given on the Forum and all the questions asked,
    I thought for sure there would be many more but I was wrong about things before.

    Probably won't be back in today ? Grandson will be up, on leave.

    So, I'll put in my tip for the day.

    When removing labels, If whatever Liquid you are using doesn't penetrate,
    try scoring the surface with a sharp knife, first, then apply the liquid.

    This was an old Paperhanger thing, when removing painted, or Vinyl coated wallpaper.
    Scratch the surface with very course Sanppaper first, then wet it.
    Later , LOU

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Ok : I'll put in another for tonight.

    A while back Ann had a Post on her surcie, Wooden Bowl.
    I remember putting a tip in there, about getting dents out of your favorite Wooden Pieces,
    which may be more like Artifact, than kitchen pieces.

    I've used this on repairing furniture, also. Some of you may have missed it.

    Raising Dents in wood:

    If the piece has a finish, it may be neccessary to put several holes thru the finish,
    with a very fine Straight Pin, so that water will pass thru into the wood.
    Take a piece of absorbant cotton, make a small ball, the size needed,
    dampen it and place it on the dent. Be sure it is making contact with the wood.
    Keep it in place with pins, if it won't stay. Keep it wet!

    This may take the dent out in a few hours or may take days,(hard or soft wood)

    It is best to test the finish in a non conspicuous spot, to be sure it,
    will not damage the finish.

    Time for my Cruise on Town Watch!!!
    Later, LOU

  • Solsthumper
    14 years ago

    Tracey and Lars, I'm glad you've enjoyed the tips.

    Triciae, I'm also a big fan of the shortening/flour concoction. I learned about it when I started cake decorating, twenty years ago. It goes by many different names, but Pan Coating seems to be the term most often used by cake decorators. This stuff keeps well for quite a few months at room temperature, but I've always stored mine in an empty Crisco container, in the freezer, along with its companion, the pastry brush, which is kept tightly wrapped in foil.

    Luigi, mi dispiace for not hanging out here on weekends. I want to thank you for the gadget tip! And I do believe it is a Luigi original. Unfortunately, I don't think I could ever get Jim to recreate it for me; he's not very handy with (most) of his, uh, tools.
    And some of us here know that my use of power tools has been banned in 37 states, including MI. 'course.

    In regards to the paper cones, I'd love to take credit for that invention, alas, this practice has been around since the advent of parchment paper. And yes, sometimes I'll make decorative cuts on the cones. For example, an inverted V makes leaves, and lots of tiny V cuts will give you a star tip effect.
    But, you know, I prefer to use metal tips with parchment, because they give me better control over a design, whereas paper will eventually lose its sharp edge, which results in poor definition.


  • sheshebop
    14 years ago

    My to lick the cake bowl clean before the kids get to it.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hi Sol:
    Welcome home ! You don't like, not hanging out here on the weekends.
    How many Lanquages do you speak?

    I think I told you about the Pastry Chef, baking a Wedding Cake in my Pizza Oven.

    I figured that about the tools.The Gadget is in the making Stages.
    Need a Mailing Address.

    Have to run. Be back later.

  • dgkritch
    14 years ago

    Lou, your reference to labels reminded me of another tip...

    Rub or spray a little oil on a label and let soak overnight for easy removal. It works on all but the very most stubborn ones (I are not an English major!!). Even then, it makes it easier to "ball up" and remove.


  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Will you behave?

    That's a good add on tip.
    I use " UN DO " but sometimes it don't penetrate the label.
    Why worry about being an English Major. Join the "US" Army and become as Major there.

    I'll leave my tip for the night. Then I have to go on my Town Watch Cruise.

    If you think a cap or lid isn't sealing right, put a piece of plastic wrap on first.

    I do this with Paint and Coffee cans.

    Is anybody out there saving these tips ??????

  • minsue67
    14 years ago

    Ok, I will add a few
    Toasting your nuts before adding them to your recipes enhances their flavor. (heehee)
    Egg whites remove gum from ANYTHING.
    Add a little flour to you burger when making meatballs or burgers, it helps to hold them together better.
    Freeze chicken pieces in 1/2 gallon paper milk/juice cartons, cover with water and staple shut. They will not dry out or get freezer burned.
    When scalding milk, a small amount of sugar added and not stirred will keep the milk from scorching.
    Icing will remain where you put it on the cake if you dust the cake first with powdered sugar.
    Potatoes soaked in salt water for 20 minutes before baking will bake more rapidly.
    That's all for now but I have many more.

  • Solsthumper
    14 years ago

    Luigi, are you tryin' to get me in trouble again? You know I like it here, but weekends are reserved for whatever Thumper wants to do.

    Btw, I don't think I heard the story about the chef who baked a wedding cake baked in your pizza oven, but I'd love to hear it. Is he -by any chance- related to Kframe?

    So you went and did something nice for me. Thank You! But Luigi, when I said neither Jim nor I were handy with tools, it wasn't meant as a "hint." That just ain't my style.
    But, needless to say, I'm grateful that you thought enough of me to make it. One thing though, you're sure making it difficult for me to harass you.

    I'll email you.


  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Sol: I think you read that too fast, or I didn't word it right.- - - Again!

    Did I get you in trouble before,? I don't think so !!!!

    I'll rephrase that Thread !!!

    I thought you worked on weekends and didn't like being away, from the Forum.
    Said yourself; ( in Italian ),look Back 2 of your threads.
    " I do not like for not hanging out here on the weekends "

    You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I love you.
    Don't tell the others.

    I don't have that Pastry Cone Twister finished yet.
    I had to make a Cross for a friend, who just finished Chemo and Radiation Treatments.
    Involved his Tonsils, the back of his Throat and Tongue.

    He had third degree burns. I don't want to explain anymore it was bad.
    So you see I try to keep busy and try to put aside, trivial complaints,from others.
    I once told a friend, " You would complain about Dry eyes to a Blind Man "

    Why am I telling you all this ???
    I'll tell you about the Cake Baking; in my Pizza Oven,when I come back.

    I didn't think you were hinting for me to make the Twister.
    I knew you were LOL! LOL!
    Watch it, I resemble that remark !!!You can still Harass me anytime you want.
    Have to go on my Town Watch Cruise now, be back Later


  • kathleen_li
    14 years ago

    I finally got around to reading this thread, very interesting, entertaining, and at times x rated...

    Joe, I am Catholic, but we refer to the pope's nose as the part that went over the fence last...loved all your tips..

    To remove labels from new plates or glasses etc. Rub some peanut butter on it, it will come off, and you can lick your finger the tip is food related...\I hope that's not a repeat, I was reading carefully but the panty hose sometimes got me confused....:)

  • Solsthumper
    14 years ago

    Luigi, will you lay off the Limoncello?!

    Btw, I no longer work weekends. I decided spending time with family is a tad more important.

    Come si dice: Love you too, in Italian?
    Oh, and please don't tell the others.


  • gardenguru1950
    14 years ago

    Ti amo troppo.


  • shaun
    14 years ago

    OH dear LOU - you said: You can still Harass me anytime you want.
    BUT I read it as: You can still Harnass me anytime you want.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Too late, Joe already knows. He added " too much " to your's. I think ?

    Limoncello ? My family is not from Naples, so I sip on Peach Brandy.

    Your Pastry Bag twister is on it's way. Should get there Fri. or Sat.

    I tried to find the story on baking the wedding cake, in my pizza oven. Couldn't.

    I had the Pizzeria in the Sixties and had a friend help with mixing Dough, etc.

    He was a Pastry Chef from Germany and brought his accent with him.

    One day he came in with 3 Cake Rings and 5 SS bowls.
    He said ," Ie Haff tu beke a Vedding Kake!!! "

    I told him he was he was crazy, the oven is at 550 Degrees.
    He Said " Not tu vorrying , I can duuu eet "
    So he proceeded to mix the cake batter in my Dough Bowl.

    When it was mixed, he put newspapers in the oven and put an opened Brown Paper bag on top.

    I picked up a Peel & said"Himne gooink tuu heat u Vit Dis"

    He replied " Not tu vorring ur hed, I noo vat tu du "

    And he did!!! Laid the rings on the Paper bags and poured the batter in them.
    Put another Bag on top and more newspapers. They baked perfect ! Amazing !!!

    While they were baking, he mixed a bowl of Icing, then put some in each of the small bowls.
    He added different coloring to each. Then took loose leaf Paper and made long cones.

    Put some icing in each, cut different shapes on the tips and made leaves, roses, etc.

    This was after he took the cakes out and sliced each with a knife that had a 2 foot blade.

    Sliced 3 cakes and made 3 pieces each. Iced them and made 3 tiers high.
    I should have taken pictures of things we did then.

    So, Sol!
    That's the Wedding Cake Story.

    Will you behave !!!

    Br back in a while.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Nobody has any more tips ?

    I thought of another tip for the Day.

    When I went fishing and cleaned the fish. I buried the scraps in the garden.
    Great fertilizer !!! I grew Beafsteak Tomatoes the size of a dinner plate.

  • rachelellen
    14 years ago

    Well, this is sort of cooking related...

    If you're eating outside and the yellowjackets are driving you crazy, put some strong smelling "bait" a ways away from the table...seafood of some kind works particularly well. A sardine, tuna or cat food can with bits left in, salami, you get the idea. The yellowjackets will keep busy with that and leave you alone. It helps with flies, too.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Rachel: Thanks ! I forgot about that one.
    Do it all the time.
    I even put out a little soda , In case they get thirsty.

  • Solsthumper
    14 years ago

    Thanks Joe! I'm banging my head against the wall because I should've known better. "I love you too" in Italian is similar to Spanish: Te amo también.

    Rachel, good idea for the kamikaze yellow-jackets. They're just beginning to make their presence known here.

    Luigi, great tip for gardeners. But I want to see a picture of them mammoth tomatoes!
    And I loved your story about your fearless German chef. You both should've had your own TV show on the Food Network; now there's a cooking show I'd happily sit through.
    Btw, I didn't know you were fluent in German Gobbledygook. Can you teach me?

    Here's one more idea for bakers...

    Whether you're baking a pie, kneading bread dough, making fondant, or working with anything sticky [can it Jessica], use a Bench Scraper (also called Pastry Scraper, Dough Scraper, etc.) to aid in lifting, turning, chopping, and also, for scraping your work surface clean. If you're thinking of buying one, consider getting the one with the measurements right on the blade.


  • dgkritch
    14 years ago

    You can add to that yellow jacket idea by placing the "bait" on a stick balanced over a cup/pot of water with a few drops of oil in it. Then when they fall off the bait, they land in the water, wings get oily, they die.

    I'm into permanent solutions! :+)

    Deanna (who just bought a bench scraper a couple of days ago!!!)

  • shaun
    14 years ago

    Deanna, just a question on this bait on a stick thing.... why would the bee fall off the bait? Don't they just fly away instead of falling?

    I'm liking any way to keep bees away so let me know!!

  • bri29
    14 years ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes a permanent solution, Deanna! :) We used to tie a string around a piece of hotdog and hang it over a pot of water when we were camping in CA. The bees gorge themselves on so much hotdog that they can't fly away. Or they grab such a big piece (greedy little buggers) that they can't fly. They fall in the pot and die.

    Funny thing, I was just at the store and got a bench scraper today! Now I just have to use it for something...


  • nandina
    14 years ago

    Another tip related to bench scrapers. The all metal type without a wooden handle makes a dandy weeding tool for the garden. Try it and you will discover how versatile it is along edges, in between stones and digging weeds out by the roots.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hi Everyone:
    I haven't looked in the CF till now. There wasn't much activity here,
    So I thought the Post was Fini . I have to stop thinking.
    Get myself in trouble.

    That Tomatoe is long gone and I don't live there anymore.
    The Zuccini was about 3 foot long. Don't have that either but I have witnesses.
    The animals destroy everything here, Except Evergreens

    I thought Love was " Amore" and " Troppo " was " too much "
    Like " Te Amore, Troppo "
    " Io non parlare Italino , tanto "

    I'll send you an email. How to use the clothes pin , That I made for you.
    Town Watch cruise time !!!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Here's another one for Bees and Flies:

    10 inch Paper Plate.
    2 Sticks , 1/2 by 1/2 inch by 6 in. long.
    A clear Jar or Container with a lid.
    1 Clear Funnel that will fit in the jar but
    not fall in.

    Set the 2 sticks on the plate, Parallel about 3 inches apart.
    Place the funnel on the sticks and the Jar over it,without the lid.
    Put some bait on the plate, under the funnel. Don't let it stick out.
    Place this away from your cooking, dining area.
    Use bits of meat, Hot dogs, a dab of Jelly , etc.

    The bees, flies, will go to the bait and then fly up, thru the funnel, into the jar.

    When you are done you Barbecue or whatever, turn the jar over, Leaving the funnel in place.
    Fill it with water !!! If you don't like to kill things, release them.

    At the Shore they have large Screen traps; with legs, for Green Head Flies.
    The bottom is open. There is a black plate that hangs on a string,in the center,
    a little lower than the bottom. This attracts the flies.

    They go to the plate and fly up into the screen compartment and the trap.

    a simple trap.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hello : I just peeped in here.
    - - - - -
    I'll leave my tip for the day, for Celery.
    - - - - - -
    Removing Strings from Celery:
    - - - - - -
    Bend in half, just to crack the stalk.Holding both pieces, pull apart to remove the strings,
    from one half, then grab the remaining strings, on the other half and pull them out.
    What you have left is the Celery, without the strings.

    Sometimes the strings have a bitter taste.
    Far as I know, they are the veins of the Plant and carry nutrients from the roots.

    Many of you eat everything but I have found that when I remove them,
    as for Potatoe Salad, etc. makes a better taste. That's only my opinion.
    If it is not dark green, I eat everything.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    I just wanted to thank everyone who put TIPS in this Post.

    Thought there would be a lot more but I guess we're all Tipped out, or Tipsy.

    Thanks , LOU

  • minsue67
    14 years ago

    Adding a splash of lemon juice to your potatoes when boiling them whitens them up real purdy.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Minsue :
    Thanks for you tip. I knew this but never did it .
    I'm gong to try it!

    I thought this Post was Fini. Might as well put in my tip for the day.

    When doing Chopped Onions and Celery for Stuffing etc.

    Before Sauteing them, I Nuke them in the Micro Wave for a few minutes.
    Then into the Skillet, to finish.

    Saves a lot of time and stirring.

    If there are a lot of Onions and Celery , I steam them first, then Sautee.

  • dgkritch
    14 years ago

    It just won't die, Lou!!! LOL

    Yep, what Bri said about the bees. Another "food related" bee tip is to buy the cheapest tuna IN OIL you can find....
    remove the top and put a couple in your gutters in the summer. The bees get oil on their wings while trying to eat the tuna and can't fly. They die right there. At the end of summer you just toss the whole can of 'gunk'.

    They used this at a fairgrounds where my mom worked to help keep the bees UP and away from people.


  • Karigraphy
    14 years ago

    I finally had a chance to read all the informative and kooky tips - a good laugh! Lou, you are the host with the most even here in cyberspace.

    My tip that I've posted before but just in case you haven't tried it yet:

    -- Put all your baking ingredients such as baking powder and soda, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar, etc. into a basket in one of your cabinets. When you bake, you just pull the basket out, use the items you need, put them back in the basket, and place it all back in the cabinet. So much easier than trying to do a balancing act like Rachel Ray trying to get from the cabinet to the cooking counter.

    A new idea I just came upon -- When unloading groceries, make a pile of all the refrigerated ingredients for each recipe you are planning to make, put those items in one plastic bag, and store them in the fridge that way. We have an extra fridge in our basement so it makes it much easier to grab everything that I need at one time.

    -- If carrots are the ingredient that take the longest to soften in a dish you are making, precook them in the microwave.

    -- Use a write-on/wipe-off board on your freezer to indicate what you have in there. When making a meal list for the week, look at your list first and plan to use one or two meals from the freezer.

    -- Clean out the freezer on the same day you are making soup ... and you never know what you'll come up with. Once I threw a whole bag of frozen edemame in the soup because it had been there for so long with no other ideas on how to use it up.

    Now, I better run before the wooden spoon comes to get me!


  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    You're right. It's like Jason!!! Keeps coming back to life.

    Does anyone know the record number on Posts ?????

    I don't mind the honeybees too much. I have them come on my finger, to a drop of sugarwater.

    Yellowjackets are another type of animal. I had Bad experiences with them and
    The Cicado Killer. It looks similar but is about 5 times the size of a Yellowjacket.

    I do that with he spices. They are all in my floor to ceiling cabinet, with slide out trays.

    I label the tops of the spices, so when I'm looking down, I can find them easier.

    Good tips guys.

    After thinking about the Tuna Bee Trap. I think I would make a Tuna Salad first.
    And leave a little in the bottom of the can for the Bees.

    Can't help the way I think ! It bee's like that.

    Thanks, Lou

  • sigh
    14 years ago


    I just KNOW that tuna cans in my gutters would result with cats up on my roof! Would the cats keep the bees away?

    I can't stand yellow jackets, either. My husband has discovered that Method's pink grapefruit all purpose cleaning spray makes a great, instant death spray for yellow jackets. So much so that I keep a bottle on hand just for that reason. Makes you wonder what's in that "all natural" recipe.


  • shaun
    14 years ago

    We do have a bee problem here, (as well as frogs) but I doubt I'll stick a can of tuna in my gutters - can you imagine the smell in this florida heat after a few days?

  • fenworth
    14 years ago

    "Does anyone know the record number on Posts ?????"

    Lou - by my estimation this thread needs about about 27,000 more posts before it starts to catch up with "What's for Dinner". LOL!

    Here's a tip I haven't tried yet that I just read in that little Marth Stewart monthly, Everyday Food: If you need a lot of peeled (but not crushed) garlic as in Chicken with 40 cloves, put all the cloves in a bowl, cover with another upside-down bowl, hold the bowls together tightly and shake hard. The only thing I take issue with is that it said to use two identical sized bowls. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. It would be much easier to hold them together if one bowl is slightly smaller than the other.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Good Morning:
    David : I know about the WFD. They go up to 100 or so, every Post.
    I meant a single post.

    Shaking the same size bowls ? Can you see one flying thru you Kitchen window.
    I think I would use 2 different size bowls , also, to shake the garlic.
    How about putting the Garlic in a Jar and putting that into my Bullet Casing Tumbler ?

    Here is a saying I made up " Better to be Safe than Happy,
    for a moment " Lou '08
    I Don't think it relates to this ?????

    Don't mess with Yellowjackets at their nest. They usually have a Guard, that sets off the Alarm.

    I have a good little story; about the Guard, if you want to hear it ?

    I think I would have Crows in my raingutter, eating the tuna.They find every bit of food.

    Later, Lou

  • sigh
    14 years ago

    Lou- I don't go near yellowjackets or their nests! My husband isin charge of pest control and will only spray if they invade or meal or try to build a nest over the front door (which they do every year). Is your story a scary story?

    Shaun, I thought about the aroma de tuna in the hot sun, too! I can just imagine what I'd find up on my roof.


  • chase_gw
    14 years ago

    Lou there is a max of 150 posts to any thread. You can't go over that.

    The WFD folks decided that they would stop at 100 just because there was so many pictures. They could have stayed with 150 but chose to stop at 100.

    If you want to go past 150 you need to start another thread.

  • dgkritch
    14 years ago

    The tuna actually kind of dries up, but the oil doesn't. All the better to make those nasty yellowjackets have to get down into the oil and get it on their wings! I never smelled it at all. I don't think the fairgrounds would have used it either if it created a fishy smell everywhere! :+)

    My cats can't get on my roof unless they learn to jump about 12 feet straight up into the air. No trees nearby or other structures to jump from. As long as we don't leave a ladder or anything close to the house they're "grounded". Haven't seen any birds bugging it either!

    Anyway, just a tip!

    Deanna (voting for Lou '08.............grin)

  • bri29
    14 years ago

    I like the idea of using the brass tumbler for peeling garlic! I'd have to use a pretty small, VERY well sealed jar though to fit it in mine. Or maybe I just need a bigger tumbler... :)


  • beanthere_dunthat
    14 years ago

    Nina - It's literally the grapefruit oil that kills the pests. Grapefruit oil is also the prime ingredient in Veggie Wash. And Simple Green will kill ants on contact, too. I knew a exterminator who said to never crush ants because they exude a chemical that calls to the rest of the colony, so that they drop in their tracks it a good thing.

  • hawk307
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Chase :
    Thanks for the Info, I might as well end this one at 150.
    Unless , If they want I'll start another
    " Baking or Cooking tips Continued "

    We will need a vote !!!!!

    Bri :
    I was sort of kidding at first but then I got to thinking about it.
    I could just put the jar right in with the Walnut media, then wash it off, when done.
    David: What do you think?

    Denna: I guess you can use the Tuna with Water and add some vegetable oil.
    Or better yet some EVOO. So they go out in Style.

    Thanks for your vote !!!

    I'll have to finish off with the Yellowjacket story.

    I had to redo the inside of a 1 story Kitchen, for a friend, who reminded me of Bill Cosby.
    This was in the Pine Barrons of New Jersey.

    It included redoing the roof. That had to be done first, so there would be no leaks.
    I put the ladder up and climbed to the top. Got on the roof about 5 feet from the side wall.
    It was cinder block with a Terra Cotta capping. The end was open (cement was missing )

    I saw a Yellowjacket standing Guard there as others were flying in and out.

    NOW !!! As I moved around he followed me. SO I moved farther away!
    He came towards me like he was going to attack. Very slowly, I got down off the roof.

    I went in and told the owner about the Bee's.
    He said "I'll take care of them tonight , when it gets cooler out side "

    I guess it didn't get cool enough, because when we came back the next morning,
    He had about 20 bumps, all over his bald head.
    It looked like some took a Ball Pean hammer to his head or

    my Grandmother's Wooden Spoon when she was really mad.
    I asked what happened, in between us all laughing.

    He said " I went up and stuck a torch in the hole, Man they came out like Kami- Kaze's.
    I was down the ladder and in the house in 2 seconds.
    To top it off, he was re-enacting the scene and swinging wildly and hit a tree branch.
    GUESS WHAT !!! Bees came out of the tree, after him.
    We ran the other way, and jumped in the truck.
    We met him inside later. You guessed it ! he had more bumps on his noggin.
    He did get rid of them that night. Said he almost set the house on fire.
    Threw gasoline in the hole first. BUT! he didn't get bit !

    Is this story, good as the tablecloth caught in the Zipper?

    Let me know if anyone wants this Post continued into another.
    Have the Title picked!!!


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