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what brand of lcd tv do you have? do you like it?

12 years ago

It's time for a little consumer report! I'm shopping for my first LCD TV. I don't want a huge one--just 32" will be fine--but I admit to being picky about picture quality. I've discovered that not all TV images are created equal, and I'm told that's true of their sound quality as well. I'm hoping to get one that will let me make image adjustments to my heart's content.

Looking in the stores, I've been most drawn to Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. Reading reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, I've noted complaints about the Panasonic sound. I've also noted reports of Samsung breakdowns. LG seems to have the largest number of happy consumers. But I'm aware that people are more likely to post a review if they're unhappy with a product, so I'm not sure how to evaluate the Samsung and Panasonic negatives.

I asked three TV salesmen about their personal preferences. Two said LG, and one said Panasonic.

I thought it would be fun to see what everyone here is watching, and how happy you are with them.

PS: Good old GardenWeb.....sometimes I can use capital letters (like LCD) in the subject line, and sometimes (like today) I can't.

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