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Crocheting & Knitting w/ Arthritis/Bad Eyesight/Other Disability

9 years ago

Hi fellow needle artists! I'm an indy crochet designer, some of you may have run across or used some of the dozens of free patterns I publish online as SheilaSchnauzies. I also happen to have crippling arthritis in my hands and in 2009 a stroke caused me to become half blind in my right eye. These things had a real impact on my crocheting ability!

I found some ways to work around and continue doing the crocheting I love and it occurred to me there must be a lot of other needle artists who share similar challenges. So I wrote an article called "Tools To Help You Crochet Or Knit Despite Disabilities." If you'd like to read the article you can find it here:

OH - and if you'd like to see the index of my free crochet patterns you can find that at

Happy crocheting - or knitting!


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