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How did you tell your child about 9/11?....need advice please.

11 years ago

Well, I suppose it's time to at least approach the subject. My daughter is 7 and I'm not really sure how to tell her, or what to tell her or how much to tell her. Last year her elementary school observed a moment of silence, they had 2 children who lost their dad get on the loudspeaker to ask the students and teachers observe the moment of silence. Those two children (siblings) live right next door. My daughter came home to tell me she heard C & D on the loudspeaker, and everyone got very quiet. She asked me why we did that, and I avoided it. I wasn't prepared.

This year, there is no getting around it. We were invited by my neighbors to attend the memorial in our town. She said it is always a comfort to her to get through the day with all her closest friends and family around her. How can I turn her down?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. My biggest fear is causing her anxiety. I have had life long issues with anxiety and nightmares because of things I should not have seen or known about as a young child. I was 5 when President Reagan was shot, my Dad was brutally honest about the whole thing. I started having nightmares back then. With every frightening current event that took place, or frightening movie I saw, more and more dreams, and more and more anxiety. I don't want the same for my daughter. But I think it's time she learn about it, I just don't want to frighten her. I value and respect many of the opinions you all have and look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

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