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HVAC replacement questions- advice needed

11 years ago

We have an all electric home. 13 year old York heatpump failed. I've been doing a lot of reading on forums and have received several quotes.
I've decided to have whoever I choose flush the existing lines instead of replace.
I think I'll also go with a 15 SEER with HSPF of at leat 8.5. I've read reviews on Angie's list and gotten references. I'm at the point that I think whichever company I use will do a good job, trying to decide what may be the deciding factor, could use advice.
The main question is if equipment and installers are all good and competent and prices are close, what would the main deciding factor be for me? Company with best rep, longest in business, rep I liked the best? Help please.

Every HVAC recommends a different heatpump brand. I have Trane, Lennox, Am. Std, and Goodman and Carrier.
I believe all techs are trained/experienced enough to install correctly. Warranty on the equipment seems the same, 10 yrs parts and labor. All companies say 24/7 service. Couple have warranty that says if I just don't like the system within 1 year they will remove it and refund my entire amount. Don't anticipate that but it's a nice option.
All want to put in new Honeywell thermostats - all seem to choose the same model.

Thanks in advance.

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