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Trane Heat Pump for Michigan home remodel good or bad

12 years ago

I am wondering if I am getting good pricing and if a Heat Pump is the way to go for our remodel. We have a 5,000+ sq foot home with an additional 2700 feet in a walkout in lower Michigan. The items being quoted are 2 of:

Trane XV95 80k BTU

Trane XL16i 16 SEER/4ton

Hybrid Controllers

Trane high eff media air cleaners

Trane Large by-Pass humidifiers

My quoted price is $18k installed.

Does this look like the right system for my sized home?

Comments are much appreciated. The salesperson for the above unit was also quoting Geothermal, but said the hybrid heat pump was really the way to go. There is a also a chance I will put 10kW of solar on my roof. Power Troll here is DTE Energy.

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