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Question re laptops and high school

12 years ago

Hi folks,

DD is getting ready to start public high school this year -- after homeschooling/community learning since "birth", as it were...I have a probably kind of dumb question, but I thought you all would know and I wouldn't embarrass myself with the school's counselor: do kids take laptops to high school? I'm a bit concerned about it because there are over 1,000 people at this school, and DD will have enough to do with just keeping her wits about her, much less worrying about a laptop all the time...when she took it to the community learning center that wasn't a problem because we knew every single kid in her 8 person was a completely different environment.

If they don't take laptops, is it still notebooks? Or what do people do? And is there anything about taking lunch vs. buying it? Answers on any of those kinds of questions would be *so* welcome! It's a big, exciting transition, and I want to be as much help to her as I can be.

(p.s. she already auditioned and placed into the highest student musical group as an incoming freshman! And she knows other kids in the group from another group she plays she'll have a 'family' there with the music kids who are evidently very inclusive and a good bunch of kids -- which is easing our minds greatly)

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