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Anyone play Words With Friends?

10 years ago

I just started. If I had known that it's just scrabble, I would have started playing a long time ago.

I'm a little confused about etiquette or I guess gamesmanship.

I have a game going and it takes my opponent a couple days to play a word. We are pretty closely matched and I'm kind of excited to keep the play going but this slow pace is kind of taking the fun out of it.

On another game, we played only a couple of rounds and I scored a fabulous 77 points and my opponent just resigns the game!

I've also started a few games just to have them declined.

It would be so fun if someone would just play the darn game with me. I feel like a kid on a playground and no one will play with me!

These are anonymous players so maybe I should start playing real friends? Anyone with WWF experience?

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