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Advice needed on CA new construction system

Hello, We are building a 4600 sf home (2x6 construction, good windows but lots of them, crawl space foundation) on 2 levels with an unfinished attic (no basement) in central/northern california. The summers get quite hot (105-115 is fairly common). We won't have access to NG, so propane is the "default" way to heat our home (and range, etc.), and we are on 8 acres with a decent amount of flat for trenching if needed.

We'd love some ideas about what is commonly used in California these days, and what size system we should expect to see. The GC estimates have been all over the place! I've done some research into geothermal and hope to get some bids this spring in the hopes the prices have come down around here a bit. Any traditional ideas would be great too. We are on a budget, but it is somewhat flexible at this stage. Mostly just hoping someone with California experience recently could chime in.


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