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toning down the red in red oak

15 years ago

I had oak floors spec'd for home renovation project. Red oak was installed ( I had wanted white oak but with everything going on had not specified it and unlike a million more trivial decisions my preference was taken for granted). Well I think it is too late to change now. I don't like the way that red oak looks as much ( I had wanted a light color especially for kitchen) but dealt with the red oak by staining a dark color in the other rooms on first floor. While the color is nice it confirms my fear that I am not up to the task of caring for a dark floor in kitchen. ( There are already a few light scratches in dining room and every crumb is visible after a meal).

The flooring person is coming tomorrow and I want to be prepared. Are there ways that the red in the floor can be toned down other than using a dark stain to cover it up. Alternatively are there recommendations for the best finish to use if I have to go dark?

Thanks so much for your advice.

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