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LuAnn in PA, iPad/Pod non-game apps, long

12 years ago

Hey LuAnn, I saw you were asking about non-game apps on another thread. I knew this would be long, so I'm putting it on a separate thread.

I have the iPod 4th Gen. It has all the functions of an iPad but in a smaller format. It has become an irreplaceable tool for my daily life. I have something like 142 apps loaded into it; none of them are games. I'm not knocking games at all; I just use any free time I have reading or doing other hobbies.

It's late and I can't begin to describe all of them, but I'll give you the links to a few of my most hard-working apps. You can read about them on their sites. I'll be happy to go into detail about any of them, either here or in a private email.

First, don't over look all the wonderful apps/utilities that came with your iPad.

The Weather Utility can be customized to show as many cities as you wish. I have nine "home towns" that I can update and check every time the iPod goes on line.

The Maps Utility is a great tool. I used it more than my GPS on my mega-trip last spring.

You can set up the Mail function to send and receive your email through the iPad. I have my Yahoo acct. scyned with my iPod. You can check the Internet any time you're near WiFi. It's great if you're stuck in waiting rooms.

The calenders, clocks, alarms, contacts function, and notepad get a real workout on my iPod. You can add as many phone numbers, email addresses, names, dates, and any info on a contact page. There's no limits like on a paper page.

I have a separate page in the Notes utility for each of my nieces/nephews. It shows their ages, sizes, measurements, likes, dislikes, birthdays, important occasions, etc. All this info is at my fingertips when I'm out shopping and see something the "just might work."

Some of the apps I'm using the most are...


The App Store Description: Keep track of all your stuff. Organize collections, music, movies, books, video games, electronics, wine lists, jewelry, appliances, office supplies, or anything else in with this easy to use but powerful database application.

There is a free lite version of "MyStuff2" so you can try before you buy. The only difference is the free version has a limit of 15 items.

MyStuff2 allows you to get organized. Avoid buying something you already have. Make it easy to find your stuff. Be prepared in case of theft, fire, or flood.

Data entry is made easy with bar-code scanning and integration, auto-fill, quick copy, and bulk editing.

Home Routines by Wunderbear


It's description is too long to cut and paste, but it integrates seamlessly with the FLYLady system, and other home/office/life organization programs.

SewingKit by Vesta Software, LLC

Their description: Sewing Kit is your new home for all of your sewing needs! If you've ever been in a sewing store looking at patterns, but couldn�t remember if you already bought the one you like, or if the fabric you like will work with the project you are working on, then you will love Sewing Kit!

Scan the pattern envelope while in the store to look it up, and add it if you don't have it!

Sewing Kit lets you search through all of your patterns, fabrics, projects, and people to make sure you're not buying something twice, or getting home and finding out you forgot to get something you really needed!

With Sewing Kit you can store and search on all of your:

- patterns

- fabrics

- projects

- measurements for people

All of these things, all in one place.

KJV Holy Bible by itoursoftware

Parts of their description: King James Version Bible with Audio is a FREE pocket Bible solution

- Great audio quality

- No Internet connection required (great for iPod Touch users, remote locations, long flights, and battery life)

This is a large application (6 days and 4 hours of continuous audio), please, be VERY VERY PATIENT when downloading and installing it. Try not to use the device during the installation.

- Read the Scriptures

- Listen to the Scriptures

- Listen and follow the text at the same time

- Reading history

- Notes with the ability to email them

- Daily reading

- Bookmarks

- Search in the Bible

- Continuous play (doesn't stop playing after the chapter ends)

- Ability to scroll the audio and synchronize the text with it.

- Biblical Maps

- Reference to other Bible Translations

I also have the Merrriam-Webster Dictionary and

eThesaurus, several military and constitutional apps, a Pray! prayer list app, at - - Convert (for time, length, weight, speed, data, power, volume, temperature, air pressure, force, torque, acceleration, density, and tip calculator. It's great!)

and so, so many, more.

There are travel (destination sites, airports, AmTrack)apps, apps on cities you may want to visit. Self-Guided walking tour apps.

I have apps on How to tie a man's tie in 12 different knots (the paid version has even more!) and Ian's Laces to give your trainers a great snazzy look with different lacing patterns.

I also have a Quilt calculator, an app to find quilt shops all over the country, and a Texas Quilt Shop app, A bra size calculator, the complete Audubon Bird book, Greater Golden Gate Park app; Peterson's Hummingbirds, canning, garden guide, beekeeping, and let's not get started on the home improvement/construction/repair apps.

Oh my!

When you go to the Apple/iTunes store, use the search function and just type in anything you may be interested in. You'll be surprised at what pops up.

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