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Clothes shopping size frustrations (Rant alert!)

13 years ago

Last summer I was a size 6. When DH and I quit smoking last September, I put on some weight and now none of my shorts or summer capris fit me. The ones I can zip make me look like a stuffed pig with serious muffin top issues, while others I can't even get to close.

The past three weeks I have made a concerted effort to watch my diet and have taken off a few pounds but I'm still not an attractive size 6. After gardening in my casual dresses, I decided to go shopping for a few things that fit me now. I had no idea what size to even try on, so I took three sizes into Macy's dressing room and started with size 12. They were huge and I was pleasantly pleased to walk out with a size 8 that fit me well.

I still needed another pair so I continued shopping in the same department. I found a cute pair of jean shorts in a size 10. They were HUGE, so I grabbed the size 8. The size 8's were smaller than my size 6's at home. I really liked them but the size difference between one size was so drastic, I started holding up the huge size 10's next to the other sizes for comparison. Their size 12's was about 2" wider than the size 12's. The size 12's fit me perfectly.

I ended the day with 2 size 8's (a jean skirt and a pair of navy shorts) and the size 12 jean shorts, one XL and two size medium blouses, wondering if there is any quality control anywhere these days. I could tell by looking that the blouse was no XL. I'm a 34C and it fit perfectly.

I would expect sizing issues at Target but Macy's? I know Macy's is not Saks but still...

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