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Old wide plank fir flooring with major gaps between planks.

9 years ago

The cabin I purchased, a one level up on piers/stilts, built likely in the 60's, wasn't meant for winter living so has had many years of temperature fluctuations, probably plenty of moisture as well.
I've now insulated it including below the floor.

The wide plank fir floor, likely t&g, has gaps up to a half inch between them in places.
This creates a cleanliness issue as dirt and dog hair gets caught.

Is there a way to fill this in without losing the "rustic beauty"? Wash it good then pour in a 5 gallon pail of poly? I'm only half joking.

I'm unsure what the finish on planks is. But it's a darker stain that at one point was probably quite shiny.
Thanks for any ideas.

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