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YOUR THOUGHTS: Wide Plank Flooring Width

6 years ago

Hi Folks! I'm trying to decide if I want one width wide plank flooring (e.g. 8-inch French cut white oak) or a random width wide plank (e.g. 6-8-10 or 5-7-9)? The entire main floor (2300 sf) will have this wood floor. When you come inside the house from the front door, guests have a view all the way to the back of the house. The back of the house is lined with floor to ceiling windows providing a view of a large prairie. The flooring gets intense sunlight, as it is south facing. I'm going for wide planks so that I have fewer seams to look at in such a large space.

I'd love to know your thoughts as to which is width or random plank sizes.

Thanks in advance!

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