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I have been in the worst funk...Can't seem to shake it!

18 years ago

I'm normally an "I Love Lucy", wide-eyed wonder, fun-loving kinda person. But for the last week I've been in SUCH a funk. Food doesn't taste good (though that hasn't stopped me from eating my own weight daily...), my favorite shows don't hold my interest, projects (that normally get me all fired up) overwhelm me, and I just want to sleep.

I'm baffled. Nothing is wrong. I have nothing to complain about. Yet I just feel so *vacant*.

I had one bad day last week, and it's just spiraled from there. Ugh. Not even chocolate has helped. (Though I keep trying and trying and trying...)I feel like an utter failure/loser/poser/fraud/wimp. Probably because I shoot first and ask questions later, and jump headlong into things that I don't realize will tax me.

I suppose I just needed to vent. Thanks for bending your virtual ears.

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