Loss of my mom



I lost my mother to Cancer on October 10th of this year, she was only 54. I am having trouble accepting that she is gone. Half the time I still expect her to call me. We were very close and I feel so empty without her. I keep thinking if only...but I know that won't bring her back. Right now I find myself fighting to get out of bed everyday, and try and distract myself from thinking about it just to get through the day, the rest of the time I spend crying...

Everyone keeps saying it will get better, but I just want her back even if only for one more day...


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I'm so sorry.

The best way I know to "keep someone alive" is to live the way she would be proud of, & maybe memorialize her in some way-
her achievements, her character, her loves.

Donate a book to the library,
plant a rose or a garden,
take baby blankets to young mothers
in her memory.

I wish you the best.

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