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My Mother, My Best Friend, Forever in My heart...

16 years ago

I just lost my mother, my best friend. My everything. After the new year, she wasnt feeling well, thought she had a virus of some kind. We went to the doctors, and after tests, to find out she had liver cancer. That was a Wed. The following Sunday, Jan. 14, she passed away in her sleep at home. My one sister, my Dad and I were there when she passed away. It is so hard to realize she is gone, she didnt suffer, she was very healthy up until this point. Yet it is so hard to go day to day and not see her. The cancer just ate away at her so quickly. I feel so sad, lost,alone without her, we did everything together. I still have my Dad here with me, but it is so hard to cope. I have heard deaths comes in 3's, some saying, anyways, people around me, have been dying like in dozens. In the past few months so many have passed away. Not only do I have to somehow cope with the loss of my precious mom, but everyone else. I miss my Mom so much, I thought I would have dreampt about her, or felt her near, but I don't which makes me even sadder. Life is so difficult. Any suggestions from anyone, please help me and to also help my family.

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