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So in a few months it will have been 2 years since my mom died at the young age of 49. Only 5 days from her turning 50. This was a tragic loss for me. My mom had psychological problems while she was alive and I always thought we'd lose her by suicide. That would have been tragic as well. At any rate, one June night I got that phone call and had to drive for an hour to the hospital she was at. I already knew she was gone and have no idea how I made that drive by myself. I saw her body and somehow or another kept it together til about 3 am that night. Don't know how I got through the following days either. God watched out for his children. At any rate, nearly two years later and I still feel like it was only yesterday sometimes. I'm 29 myself...was 27 when this happened. Add to sister and I have planned 4 funerals altogether now. They were all hard to do, but the loss of my mama was the hardest!

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I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mother was so young! The death of a parent is never easy but I pray with the passing of time you find inner peace.

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Big soft Hugs...You know, no matter when they go, it's always too soon.

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