Helping Mom Deal with death of husband


Anyone have any tips to help me deal with my Mom. 1 year ago my dad passed away and I have been helping her emotionally, now she seem to be great one minute and the next snapping at me for no appeant reason. I know that some people have Depression, Anger for losing a loved one. Anyone have experianced this? Or, a way to help me be helpful to her?

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I am so sorry to hear that your dad passed away. I know what your mother is going through and you are grieving too. You don't say if you are living with your mom or if she is on her own.
Yes, she will go through, what I called my Jekle and Hyde times. I live alone so I can't take it out on anyone else. You mom has to work through this herself because no one else can do it for her. If she hasn't gone for grief counselling that is a very good option, it helped me a lot. I mentioned above that you are also going through your own grief and maybe you could mention that to her very gently.
I have been widowed for 4 years next month and I can tell you that it gets easier but it never goes away, you and your mom have to cope with it in your own way. Be there for her and ask her to be there for you.
God Bless.

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I'm sorry for your loss.

If you can, please get her to see a good physician who is knowledgeable about depression;
a mild anti-depressant might help.

I wish both of you well.

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