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Pain in Chest to Back - I'm Worried!

16 years ago

I've been bothered by bad back/neck pain for quite a long time, ie. shoulder blade area and mid to lower back.

I'm used to having lower back pain, but lately and very intermittently, I've been getting pain in the right side of my chest and I would also feel it through to my back right shoulder blade area. Sometimes the pain goes down to both elbows. Even when I would belch, sometimes I would feel it. I'm 47 and female, btw. Also, when I wake up, I feel very stuffy and feel like I have to cough up some phlegm (sorry to be gross). Yes, I do smoke and trying to quit already. I'm scared that I have cancer or something bad like that. There is also a high shag rug throughout my apt. (too expensive to replace), so there is always dust in my house. Otherwise, I feel fine.

Anybody ever experience this type of pain from chest to the shoulder blade?


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