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Acid Reflux suffers lets talk...

14 years ago

I have had Acid problems and on Prilosec 20mg a day for 11 years now. Had two Endoscopys and all looks fine. Most of the time this Prilosec 20mgs works ok for me but last night was a killer.. I must admit I had a chicken pot pie from Cosco and woke up at 12 midnight with a feeling of food in my throught and nausia..I really don't get heartburn like most people I guess. Anyway took at Zantac which I know the Dr told me I can take two if need but decided to take one and drink some bottled water. I also chew gum which sometimes helps..Ive heard of Gavascon and a few others that give faster relief does anyone use these products and which one seems to work the best and fast when you have a set my mouth feels burny and lots of saliva so know its still bothered in there. Any advice on what else I can try..Never again will I eat that pie!!!

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