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Are you familiar with Acid Refluxe?

12 years ago

Good grief, if it's not one thing it's another!!

I think I have acid reflux. Coming from someone whose never even had heartburn before!

First, I had a dentist appt. yesterday and he gave me an oral cancer check, and I'm fine.

I also have a very sore throat (no tonsils), and I'm tender on one side of my neck..glands.

I say that because I have no clue if the two are related.

Anyway, a few weeks ago when I'd take a pill it always seemed to be stuck in my throat. Then the feeling would go away.

The past week, in the "apple" area of my neck/throat, it's hard to swallow there & hurts. And then I got some mild pain in the chest area yesterday where the esophagus goes down.

Now it's a constant. It feels like I want to burp but can't. I've had a slight feeling of something coming up my throat, but not often.

I looked it up online and it seems I do have all the signs of acid reflux, BUT...from reading message boards it seems no med, either prescribed or OTC even helps!

Any advice?

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