Lost of My Mom


I just lost my Mom 3 weeks ago and just dont know what to do with myself and my thoughts, I am trying to cope by staying busy but there is only so much busy you can do.

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I'm so sorry.

It sounds very trite, but time will help.

Meanwhile, you might try "busy" that involves more parts of you.

If you've been working crossword puzzles or reading, try something that involves your muscles, ideally something *new* that will engage your brain in learning.

Dr Amen says ballroom dancing is excellent;
it involves perception, balance, rhythm, learning different steps, etc;
in other words, it involves much more of the body & brain.

Take care of yourself.

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Find a support group, grief counseling, start a scrapbook, start a journal, find someone to talk about the good things and not so good, and it is ok to cry, but remember to laugh also

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I feel the same way. I lost my mom on September 8th, 2010.
I'm a single mom trying to take care of my 5 yr old and i don't live near any of my family. I feel no matter how busy i try to stay i just can't stay busy enough. Just seems so surreal. I wish every night that she would come to me in my dreams but that hasn't happened. : (

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To all of you........So sorry for your loss. I also loss my mother and best friend on April 10, 2010. We had to have her taken to the hosipital after Easter dinner. She passed the following Saturday, two days after her 75th birthday. After that came Mother's Day :( Me and my sister have been invited to our bf's Thanksgiving dinner but we don't want to go, we both just want to stay home even if we are alone.

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I am sorry for everyone's losses. I lost my precious mother 4 weeks ago tomorrow. She was 85 and had been through surgery which she did amazingly well in, but something happened an hour or so out of recovery and she was gone. We were told nothing other than "she went to sleep, peacefully, and felt no pain." As comforting as it is to know she didn't suffer, I don't know how time can heal as it seems this pain will never go away. I am trying to do things that honor my mom, like crocheting - a hobby of hers that she taught me when I was only 8 years old. She kept so many babies warmed by her beautiful blankets; I want to follow her legacy and help others stay warm, too.

As difficult as losing her is for her 6 children, our father is experiencing a pain that none of us yet know. Momma was the love of his life for 70 years, married for 65. Poor Daddy also lost the last of his 13 siblings in April 2010 when his last brother, to whom he was so close, passed away suddenly. If anyone reading this can offer suggestions on how to help him I would be most appreciative. As it is now, we are trying to make sure he is not alone for very long at all. We have a sister who has lived with my parents for the last few years so he doesn't live alone but she works during the evenings and we don't want him having dinner alone. We are also trying to encourage him to go out with us and do things that he might enjoy.

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