Does Grief Counseling work



I lost my Dad in 09 and my Mom this year. Having less than a year between their deaths is making it hard to get through this and day to day life. I am almost 50 and am wondering if grief counseling has helped anyone.

I just feel disconnected and am I'm just trying to get through it.

Any advice?

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Among those I've known, it helped some finish their grieving period. take on new perspectives, and get moving again. Really was a useful departure point for them.

Sorry to say for a few others it seemed to give them permission to continue wallowing in self-sorrow and a support group to reinforce it.

I have no idea if those very different outcomes were caused by the grief counseling or group or if that's just the kind of people they were in the first place. Did notice the ones who moved on got involved in various things and became enthusiastic again. The ones who stayed down became uninteresting slugs....sort of a permanent depression kind of thing. They also became tedious and boring to be around.

If you've been dealing with this for this long, you might have a session or two and see what you think. Might get a few new ideas that would help out. Just don't make a new home out of it.

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