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White Oak Hardwood Floor Refinishing Question

14 years ago

Hi All,

I have a question in connection with having my white oak hardwood floors refinished. When I moved in they were covered with carpet and I immediately replaced the carpet so I only recently found out what they really look like. To me they look terrible but I'm told they will look great after being refinished and stained.

I received estimates from three different companies and as much as I hate to say it, cost is a major factor and consideration.

The first company never even pointed out the water damage that was obvious to the other two contractors. Their estimate came in at $1500.00

The second company pointed out the water damage right away and said that I might not be happy with the final results and he wanted to let me know before I agreed to have the floors done. He thinks more than likely the damaged area will show through. His estimate came in at $1672.00

The third company (1-800-Woodfloors) also pointed out the water damage but said if I decide to use a stain (which I definitely will), the damage will not show. This company promised to complete the job in only two days which is also a factor because I need to stay in a hotel while the work is being done due to health issues. Their estimate came in at $1230.00

I realize that a few hundred dollars might not be a big deal to some but for me right now it unfortunately is. The number of days it will take to complete the job is also very important because of the expense for a hotel.

I guess my question comes down to, has anyone else refinished white oak floors that had water damage and how did it turn out? The floor is not buckled or warped but it is much darker in this one very large area.

Also, has anyone else used 1-800-WoodFloors and if so were you happy with the outcome?


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