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Refinishing RED oak hardwood floors. Please share.

3 years ago

We are refinishing the typical 3 inch red oak hardwood floors that our builder installed. Our house is a 12 year old colonial, but the inside has a current transitional/current/eclectic feel with a blend of newer things, some modern art, some clean lined antiqued pieces all blended together. Lots of wool sisal area rugs and very tidy. The hardwood is on our entire main level and open foyer stairs. I want to pick a color that has a current feel with absolutely no red color pulling. Currently our hardwoods are the most horrible old clear, orange color.

I want that perfect unachievable balance of current but not trendy. If you did the same and love your hardwood floor color please share any specifics (brand/color) you have and what sheen you went with. Any opinions on what looks great would be appreciated, too. Replacing the hardwood is not an option as long as I want to stay married. :)

Thanks a ton!

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