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Floor job � new wood planks don't match old, looks bad � what

11 years ago

My contractor used new pine to complete the kitchen floor when we opened up an air shaft for a bigger kitchen space, and the new pine doesn't match the old pine in a 125 year old brownstone. his flooring guy has come and gone and the result looks ridiculous, he didn't try to use reclaimed pine of a similar era or stain the new pine before or after the floors were done. I've included a photo. The old floors look great, but under and in front of the fridge is a pastiche of new/old interlocking and other than a conversation piece, I see no reason not to fix this.

My contractor has said "there's no way around this" since they wanted to be sure to use new pine since the old planks are pine. The first thing a neighbor and a friend asked was, why didn't they stain the new planks? And I had no answer.

I didn't think to make sure the contract (which is for a kitchen/HVAC/exterior job) specified that the wood floor wouldn't look silly when done. Can I ask my contractor to fix this or do I have to find someone to fix it? I've steadily reduced this GC's scope of work as things like this come up and I don't want to use him ever again, I'm not impressed, we have too many misunderstandings that I've had to pay to fix, and I'd rather use someone who is more receptive and responsive. So I'm just trying to get through this job and move on, but don't want to burn bridges with him as he's the recommended GC of our architect who is a friend of a friend. This is not going to be my "team" again. In other words, I am not confident his "fix" would look good and don't want to pay him more. I have a floor guy I could ask, figured I'd ask on this forum too.

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