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New wood/old wood... will the new wood blend with old in 6-8 mont

14 years ago


Just had my 100 year old floor refinished (sanded and stained). One area needed repair 4-5 boards. The new wood is noticeably different. If it wasn't for a piece that was cut abnormally shorter than the rest of the floor AND it has a distinctive grain pattern and color from the boards adjacent, I could live with otherwise slight mismatch.

The wood floor guy says that the new wood will change color and blend with the old wood in 6-8 months. Is this true?

Also, he could have used wood from the closet to replace the wood and put the new wood in the closet to be less conspicuous. He offers to do this now (spot repair) and split the cost of materials (charging me $500 for correcting the mistake and having to re-stain the entire floor with one additional coat). Shouldn't he have to pay for this? I am worried that the spot repair will cause the a blending issue with the stain, although the closet wood should match perfectly.

Final issue is that this repair was done due to the wood turning black from repeated dog urination. He sands away the black, but the stain seems to bring the black back up in small spots. I fear the black will continue to progress like it did to begin with.

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