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I HATE my wood look tile! Don't make the same mistake!

4 years ago

Ugh! Beware all floor shoppers- if you are deciding between wood look tile vs REAL wood... DO NOT get wood look tile. You will be sorely disappointed. I basically had everyone in my life telling my how unrealistic real wood floors would be for my family (two kids; one large lazy dog). Even our designer advocated against real wood floors- instead of helping us find more appropriate wood floors. SO I was too scared to pull the trigger on real wood floors which was on my "must have" list. Even in the 9th hour with the tile delivered but not yet installed, I wanted to get wood. I was even crying saying "I hate these floors and they aren't even installed." On the day installation was set to begin, my husband made the decision for the wood tile instead (the alternative would have been delaying the job- I was ok with this even if it meant paying the laborers! but he was not). He said the job "needed to get done" and the floors were the way to go and we could engineer out anything we didn't like about them. (ie: rugs for hardness; furnishings for echoing etc.) Anyways, I need not get into all the details of how much I hate the floors and look at them SO SAD every single day. I would literally rather have dinged up, scratched up, whatever-ed up oak floors that are timeless and made to last and aren't fake and cheesy. One of the main reasons I cannot "move on" is because it was a huge expensive mistake and it is MY fault. Yep me. I gave them money. I paid for the tile and the install. So I am mad at myself for lots of reasons. So after this long hard remodel, I am ready to sell the house because I have to live with the floors every day and they hurt my feet and knees and are 100% not what I was wanting or going for. The biggest lesson I learned in this is to get a GOOD designer (and make all your selections before you do ANYTHING else. That's right, don't demo a thing until you have a full plan of how you're putting it back together.) Get the best designer you can afford and make sure she understands your style and vision. My designer and I clicked personally but what I ended up with and what I was going for were worlds apart. My final note, if you want wood floors, do it. Nothing else will give you the same result. Don't even try. (and yes I looked at all the fake wood options on the market- vinyl, laminate, etc) Also, I am glad so many people like their tile, vinyl, laminate, etc. This is just my personal experience, story and opinion.

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