My Mom died today


I found out this morning that my mother passed away after a 14 year battle with metastatic breast cancer, she was 53. I guess I am not sure how to feel.. My mother was sick for most of my life and was told she had stage 4 cancer soon after her diagnosis. The last few years have been extremely tough as her body weakened quite a bit and she was not longer able to walk on her own or drive a car, she truly lost all of her independence.

Some of my family/friends think I should be relieved that she is finally out of pain and in a better place. But I am going to miss her so much. I always knew she was sick, but she seemed to always pull through, even though it is naive she has been in hospice the last 6 months, her death has really shocked me.

I am relieved that she will no longer suffer, but I am selfish and still want her with me.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Mom when I was 26. Your Mom will always be with, your not being selfish at all, it's normal for us to want to keep our parents forever but life has others plans.

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I'm sorry for your loss. So many thoughts will pass through. I hope you will write often. It certainly helps to clear the mind for awhile.

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I remember posting here when my mother died. It's so painful to type the words of the title, isn't it?

Losing a mother is heartbreaking. I understand what you are saying. People say "she's in a better place," but it sure doesn't help keep you from missing her every day.

Heartfelt condolences.

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My mom will die today i just spoke to her last night. i think she knew she was going to die we joked about funeral arrangements and today i got a call from my sister who told me they had given her cpr twice since she went to the hospital. The doctor wants me to sign a dnr since i am the oldest . My mom is my best friend and i do not know what to do . I am flying to texas today where she is at since i live in n.c. but with no intention to make a decision until i get to see her and say goodbye. am i wrong or selfish for making her weight a lil longer. She is currently unconcious i do not know what i will do with out her

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