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Grandson...Here, But I Miss Him!

8 years ago

I feel very sad because my almost 7 year old grandson doesn't seem to care about me anymore. Our granddaughter, his older sister, is 10. He has a younger cousin(our other grandson) who is 3. He was very attached to me as a baby and toddler. I spent lots of time with him. I've tried to think of why this might be. The only thing I can think of, is that when our youngest grandson was born(his cousin) he may have felt left out, even though I have tried very hard to continue to show him the same amount of attention. He has spent weekends with us since he was about 6 mths old, just as his big sister did. They took "turns". We did all sorts of fun things and he was Nana's boy. Then about 2 years ago, he began to not want to stay without mommy or daddy. I thought it was just a phase, but it has continued. I can't help but be sad when he doesn't care to hug me hello or goodbye unless he's asked. He doesn't seem angry or anything, he just doesn't need me anymore. He'd rather be with Papa or just about anyone else! I know that little boys grow up and won't always be best buddies with Nana, but I never dreamed he'd detach from me like this! I miss my sweet boy! Have any of you experienced this with your grands?

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