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Issue with Craftsman Garage Door Opener

14 years ago

Okay, I'm having an issue with my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. Not exactly sure of the model number, but can dig it up if that's necessary.


1) Door opens fine from either wall button or remote(s)

2) Door closes fine from remotes

3) Press and release the wall button, it starts down, and then stops and backs up like something is blocking the sensors. Sensor lights are green.

4) Press and HOLD the wall button and the door will close completely.

5) Close the door from any remote control (car, outside keypad) and it closes fine EVERY time.

6) Problem seems confined to the wall button.

7) Unconfirmed, but it looks to be an issue only at night. In other words, if there is sunlight spilling in the open door, the wall switch works fine.

8) Have cleaned the lenses on the sensors and, again, they are always GREEN, even when it's malfunctioning.

Any help would be appreciated.

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