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Sears/Craftsman garage door opener/remote opener

16 years ago

I have a Sears/Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener #139.53681B, with the date of 01/98. I have the standard craftsman 3-button remote opener. Everything was working fine until I needed to change the battery in one of the remotes. Now, when I went to activate the remote after replacing the battery it deactivated the other remote. Then I tried to reactive the remote and it deactivated the other one. I tried clearing the settings, unplugging the system and then plugging it back in and reactivating the remotes with still the same problems.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!! I need some serious help!

I tried calling Sears and Craftsman hotlines with no help whatsoever.

Please send any suggestions to

Thank you

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