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stuff ya just can't rush...

12 years ago

... candy!?! Yesterday, saw Giada made a cinnamon/chocolate fudge. Sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla... over simmering water. Didn't take long and came out... OK. I'm NOT a big candy person, but NJ boardwalk fudge is something I really like... especially "vanilla" fudge.

Have been searching for a recipe online. Many were "quicky" versions... things like marshmallow fluff involved. So today googled "old-fashioned" fudge and found a recipe for Butter Fudge. Last time I made any candy was peanut brittle for holiday gifts a few years back.

Totally forgot how LONG it takes!?! Fudge had to get to 235 (soft ball stage). It's something you absolutely CANNOT rush... unless you want LAVA flowing all over your stove top. Mixture was pretty simple... sugar, corn syrup, milk and butter. It got up to 200-something fairly quickly, but had to be turned WAY down to a simmer to keep it from climbing up sides of pan. Recipe said NO stirring. Didn't actually have any time stated, but I'm sure it took a good HOUR to get to 235... those last 10-15 degrees took forever. Guessing temp doesn't continue above boiling until the water from milk and butter is pretty much cooked out.

After it hit temp, had to wait till it cooled to 120 then beat until it "lost its gloss". At that point, was really dark amber in color. Started with a sturdy rubber spatua but arm started giving out after... not too long. I transferred to bowl and hauled out hand mixer. Probably took a good 10 minutes with hand mixer until gloss was lost and stuff was much lighter in color... air beaten in??

From what I tasted off spoon... kinda eyes rolliing back in my head. Very smooth and can definitely taste the butter. When I'm walking the boards in summer, always try samples before I decided which fudge place to buy from.

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